Tuesday 27 April 2010

Fate of Birmingham Press in the laptop of the gods

The editor of Chris Bullivant's newly launched Birmingham Press has revealed the true scarcity of his resources, according to a report of the paper's launch party on The Journalism Hub.
It reports: "Speaking at the launch of The Birmingham Press on Friday at the city’s Botanical Gardens, Tony Lennox told a group of guests how he was hoping his 'single laptop doesn’t blow up.' After one or two giggly media types laughed this off, Lennox insisted: 'I’m not joking, the entire newspaper – content, pictures, design templates and all – is on a single laptop in my kitchen. I keep on waking in a sweat that the bloody thing’s crashed or that someone’s nicked it. If they did there’d be no edition next week.' "

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Anonymous said...

Back it up on to a flash drive, Mr Lennox.