Sunday, 19 July 2009

Rose Hacker on the BBC

A film featuring Rose Hacker, who was billed as the 'oldest columnist in the world' when she appeared each week in the Camden New Journal and Islington Tribune until her death last year aged 101, is on BBC 4 tomorrow (Monday July 20) at 7.30 pm.
'The Time of Their Lives' by Jocelyn Cammack is about three elderly radical women living in a North London residential home.
Last week in a House of Commons debate I heard a Labour MP complain that the regional press was biased against the Left and radical politics. He can never have read Rose Hacker. A committed socialist and anti-war campaigner. A remarkable woman.
You can read her Times obit here

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Rich Simcox said...

Just watched this on iPlayer. Very nice film. And nice little cameo by Alan Jones.