Friday, 17 July 2009

Quotes of the Week

Stephen Glover in The Independent on Guardian investigative journalist Nick Davies: "The sort of journalist who can find a scandal in a jar of tadpoles."

Alan Rusbridger asked if was true that newspaper groups were ringing each other up agreeing not to follow up the Guardian's phone hacking story too hard: "Well, they didn't call me."

Mark Williams (Liberal Democrat MP for Ceredigion): “My local journalists tell me it is simply impossible for them to attend meetings of community and town councils in the way they used to, meetings of the Ceredigion Cabinet, its planning or scrutiny committee, or meetings of the CHC , the Local Health Board or police authority.”

Colin Dunne on gentlemenranters remembers the explosive reaction of Kelvin MacKenzie after finding most of the features department at The Sun were lunching at the Happy Wok: "They like the Happy Wok, do they? And they're all being happy in the Happy Wok, are they? Well, in that case, it's going to be fucking Unhappy Wok any fucking minute now. Ring the Happy Wok and tell them I want them all back in the Happy fucking Office right now."

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