Friday, 31 July 2009

NUJ slams bonus for Guardian regional chief

The NUJ has hit out at Guardian Media Group regional chief Mark Dodson's bonus of £47,000, revealed in the company's annual report today.
In a joint statement, the NUJ’s reps at MEN Media expressed dismay at the decision given the high number of job cuts over the past 12 months.
The statement by Bethan Dorsett, Jennifer Williams and Judy Gordon, NUJ Mothers of Chapel at MEN Media, reads:
“This has been the worst year in Guardian Media's history. At the Manchester Evening News and its weekly titles alone, more than 70 jobs have been axed and all our local newspaper offices have vanished.
“Our members in GMG Regional Media, including Surrey and Berkshire, have been asked to make huge sacrifices – is it too much to ask that CEO Mark Dodson sacrifice his bonus (as many of his fellow directors have done)? He is taking a £47,000 bonus, bringing his salary to £309,000.
“That bonus could have paid the salaries of two weekly reporters. It could have avoided some of the compulsory redundancies on the MEN.
“Mr Dodson says that all our sacrifices have been to secure the future of GMG Regional and ultimately the Guardian. So why is he not prepared to sacrifice his bonus – the equivalent of nearly 10 per cent of our slim profits?”

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