Thursday, 9 July 2009

No new police probe into phone hacking

BBC News reports tonight: "The police will not investigate claims a huge mobile phone hacking operation was launched by the News of the World.
"The Guardian said the Sunday paper's reporters paid private investigators to hack into phones, many of them owned by politicians and celebrities.
"The Metropolitan Police said no new evidence had come to light since an original investigation in 2007.
"The force said there was no evidence former deputy prime minister John Prescott's phone had been hacked."
BBC quotes Met Assistant Commissioner John Yates as saying the original inquiry had been the "subject of the most careful investigation by very experienced detectives".
He said: "No additional evidence has come to light since this case has concluded. I therefore consider that no further investigation is required."
Yates added: "There has been a lot of media comment today about the then deputy prime minister John Prescott.
"This investigation has not uncovered any evidence to suggest that John Prescott's phone had been tapped."

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