Friday, 31 July 2009

Quotes of the Week

Tom Bower on Rough Trader, his upcoming biography of Express owner Richard Desmond:"The most devastating story of a businessman I have ever written."

Evening Standard's Andrew Gilligan on local council newspapers: "Across London, official council newspapers now employ around 120 people. When council press officers, who actually write much of the content of most papers, are included, the figure rises to 360. The total number of editorial staff on independent local newspapers in London, much-diminished after a series of cuts, is around 350."

Guardian editor-in-chief Alan Rusbridger:"We need to continue breaking down the perceptions of a remote journalist who is a preacher, living distantly, and newspapers as being in bed with power and on the side of power, rather than the reader."

BBC World News editor Jon Williams on Zimbabwe lifting ban on BBC journalists: "Reporting undercover takes great courage and commitment. However, it is no substitute for being able to operate transparently. Inevitably, part of the story becomes how our teams are trying to avoid being found and arrested, rather than focusing on the people of Zimbabwe. Operating illegally and clandestinely has to be a last resort. So I'm pleased that we've been assured by the Zimbabwe government that the BBC is not banned, and that we can resume our operations in Zimbabwe."

Committee to Protect Journalists on Iran: "After more than a month of detention in Iran, several journalists may face trials beginning on Saturday on charges of 'sending pictures to enemy media.' "

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