Friday 15 July 2011

Scunthorpe next Northcliffe daily to go weekly

The Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph is the next Northcliffe daily to switch to weekly production, HoldtheFrontPage reports today.

It follows the move by Northcliffe to turn the Torquay Herald Express weeekly. There is speculation that other of the company's dailies, inclunding the Lincolnshire Echo, may follow the weekly trend.

Sales of the Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph are around 16,ooo copies a day. It will publish its latest daily edition on Friday August 12. The first weekly edition of the 74-year-old title is to publish the following Thursday, 18 August.


Steve Dyson said...

The Scunthorpe daily is one of 15 small dailies facing weekly conversion, as revealed in the article I've written in the forthcoming InPublishing magazine, out next week.

Jon Slattery said...

Thanks Steve,

Why not name them here and scoop yourself?

Steve Dyson said...

The list is the dailies I reckon are facing conversion based on certain facts. The phrase 'I reckon' is important, though Scunthorpe was one. The full list and related article (an in depth view on Bath's experience) is available online from Monday. I'll send you the link then.

Anonymous said...

I can well imagine that the area's MPs and councillors may be breathing a sigh of relief at this news? Far fewer opportunities for publication of the public's challenges and derision of the standards of inept and devious politics and local government in Scunthorpe and certain other wards and parishes!” Scunthype@Twitter