Friday 15 July 2011

Salary shocker: How regional pay compares

This is how the wages of journalists working for the Johnston Press-owned South Yorkshire Newspapers compare to other industries, according to figures obtained via the NUJ.

They show how far regional journalism pay has fallen behind that of the police, teachers, nurses and social workers.

Members of the NUJ have started an indefinite strike at the newspaper group today over plans to make editorial staff redundant.

One of those under threat is Jim Oldfield, editor of the South Yorkshire Times, who hit out at the low wages paid to journalists in a speech in London last night.

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Paul said...

How much could I expect for doing a spot of honest toil at Scotland Yard? Say, for advising the Commissioner, and John Yates, 2 days per month?

Neil Wallis (of News International) got £1,000 per day - and this was the cheapest bid lodged. Oh, to be in the inner ring, subverting democracy on a daily basis, and being rewarded top bat.

Hmmmm. Something's going badly wrong with this country.