Monday 11 July 2011

Indy reveals plan to revive News of the World

An audacious plan is being hatched to revive the News of the World from its deathbed, the Independent reports today.

The Independent says a consortium of media and business figures is attempting to put together a rescue package and revive the title as a responsible investigative newspaper.

At the centre of the group is Susan Douglas, a former editor of the Sunday Express, a former deputy editor of the Sunday Times, and a former executive in numerous media organisations.

Douglas, in the story by Independent media editor Ian Burrell, says the plan would involve taking the existing News of the World staff – who have been invited to apply for new positions at News International – under its editor Colin Myler, out of News Corp and into new ownership.

"I think News of the World readers want the News of the World, and the team that produces it is still extant and haven't done anything inappropriate or unlawful as far as we know," she said.

"The News of the World's trouble is really about misdemeanours of management. People talk about prurience and invading people's privacy but when it's in the public interest, it's completely justified. I think there will be mounting public opinion behind anyone who tried to save the News of the World on that basis."

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