Wednesday 20 July 2011

UNICEF urges news media to 'move on' from phone hacking and focus on famine in Somalia

UNICEF UK has taken out ads in the national press today highlighting the famine in southern Somalia and urging readers to move the news agenda on from phone hacking.

The ad, in the form of a letter from UNICEF UK executive director David Bull, states: "I am writing for your support in moving the news agenda on.

"The story about phone hacking does matter, but there's another, far bigger and vital story that's going un-reported.

"This morning, the United Nations will formally declare a famine in parts of southern Somalia."

The phone hacking saga continued to dominate the UK news agenda in the week ending Sunday, July 17, according to journalisted.

The hacking scandal with new resignations, new victims, and a shift of focus onto the Metropolitan Police generated 1,310 articles; The Open, held at Royal St. George's, Sandwich, Kent, won by popular Northern Irish golfer Darren Clarke, 357 articles; new addition to the Beckham family, Harper Seven, 81 articles; Eurozone countries undergo stress tests to see if they could withstand another financial crisis, 79 articles; new bouts of violence in Northern Ireland after Orange Order parades, 41 articles.

Covered little, according to journalisted, Theresa May announces that UK terror threat has been reduced to 'substantial', 12 articles; more Olympics tickets controversy, as around 700 people get charged twice for their tickets, 4 articles; the Libyan rebel Transitional National Council is officially recognised by world powers as the 'legitimate governing authority', 6 articles.

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