Thursday 7 July 2011

Dog eats dog: Mail approaches NoW advertisers

The publisher of the Mail on Sunday is offering to help advertisers and newspaper retailers move business away from News International, publisher of the News of the World, underlining the commercial threat from the escalating phone-hacking scandal, according to a blog post by Sky News' City editor Mark Kleinman.

He writes: "An email sent yesterday by sales executives at Associated Newspapers offered to 'work with' advertisers and major retailers in the event that they 'want to follow public opinion and boycott the News of the World completely'."

Kleinman adds: "It's clear that the Mail publisher is tapping into a potentially significant commercial opportunity given the widespread public revulsion over allegations that NoW journalists accessed the voicemails of murder victims and the families of dead soldiers."

  • Another Matt cartoon in the Telegraph today on the battered image of the press shows a dog turning his nose up at a newspaper.

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mellonmarshall said...

You almost want to boycott the Mail for this. Or is that just me