Friday 8 July 2011

'Most people will think journalists are scum'

I've done a piece for InPublishing Weekly about the damage caused to the reputation of newspaper journalists by the News of the World hacking scandal.

When I was writing it I asked my daughter, a nurse, what she thought about the hacking story and what people would think of journalists.

She said: "Dad, most people know that all journalists wouldn't do it [hacking] but they will think you are scum."

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Anonymous said...

Mr Slattery,
What do you think about your daughter's comment?
Hacking aside, is it not a requirement for "journalists" (and I use the word advisedly) to earn a living any way they seem fit? Is journalism a vocation? I suspect for some, it is.
However given the general public's obsession with "celebrity" is it any wonder that the press will pander to the lowest common denominator of its readership?
I for one value the genuine ethical investigative journalists so lets get rid of the "hacks" and the "paparazzi". Let's get rid of the scum.

Regards Paul M.