Tuesday 17 May 2011

Twitter outing of super-injunction celebs tops news

The Twitter frenzy over naming celebrities who had allegedly taken out super-injunctions was the top news story in the week ending Sunday, May 15, according to journalisted.

Anonymous claims circulated on Twitter named celebrities who had allegedly taken out super-injunctions, prompting heated debate about UK privacy law, produced 141 articles; the NHS reforms provoke more debate ahead of Cameron's speech, with Clegg vowing to stand up to Tory plans, 127 articles; former FA chairman Lord Triesman accused FIFA executives of bribery in early stages of the 2018 world cup bid, sparking fresh outcries of a scandal, 96 articles.

Covered little, according to journalisted, were two suicide bombs which killed 80 Pakistani paramilitary cadets, the Pakistan Taliban claimed the attack as revenge for Bin Laden's death, 14 articles; Japan's Prime Minister ordered the Hamaoka nuclear plant to be closed down, amidst fear of future earthquakes and a re-thinking of the country's energy policies, 8 articles; riots in Cairo after two Coptic churches were set on fire, leaving 12 dead and over 200 injured, 7 articles.

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