Thursday 19 May 2011

Sun shocker: 'Ed Milliband is right' says leader

The Sun admits a first today by agreeing with Labour leader Ed Miliband - that Justice Secretary Ken Clarke should be sacked for his comments on rape sentencing.

The Sun says in a leader, headlined 'Ken Must Go':

"WELL done, Ed Miliband. Did The Sun really say that? Yes, we did. The Labour leader is quite right to demand that David Cameron sack Ken Clarke for his outrageous, offensive and prehistoric views on rape."

The leader goes on to say: "Labour is now tougher on crime than our Tory-led Government."

The Sun splash quotes the sex attack victim Gabrielle Browne, who spoke to Clarke when he made his controversial remarks on BBC Five Live yesterday, calling for him to be sacked. She has waived her legal right to anonymity.

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