Wednesday 25 May 2011

Gang attack press outside Ryan Giggs' home

Reporters and photographers outside the home of Manchester United footballer Ryan Giggs came under attack from a gang who pelted them with eggs and flour and vandalised their cars.

The youths pulled up in a Transit van on the street in Worsley, Salford, with their faces covered by hoods and scarves and attacked six vehicles. Tyres were slashed on two cars.

Photographer John Mather told BBC Manchester: "We saw a group of youths approaching wearing scarves and hoods and carrying objects. It became an ambush of flour and eggs plus kicks were aimed at vehicles."

He added: "You get used to verbal abuse outside footballers homes and things being thrown at you from passing cars. The fans can be very loyal. It became more than that when they started assaulting cars. It was scary for a moment and quite intimidating."

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Helen Grainger said...

That'l teach the gutter press setting their car tyres in manchester