Tuesday 24 May 2011

Daily Mirror scores with Ryan Giggs front page

The Daily Mirror is getting plenty of plaudits today for its Ryan Giggs front page. Former Mirror editor Piers Morgan has praised the current editor in a tweet: "Brilliant. Take a bow Richard Wallace." Some have pointed out that a ruder version of this headline has been circulating on Twitter.


Viv said...

Well done my Mirror! He's made a right prat of himself and deserves everything he gets now. Anyone who owns a computer knew who it was ages ago. I hope his wife leaves him, to stay now would degrade her after all he's done and she deserves better. If I was Imogen I would now sell my story to the highest bidder, you go girl!

Jon said...

WTF. Hows is this helping anything. Sure it's a clever play on words, BUT, the guy made a prat of himself, and as was pointed out, everyone knew about it ages ago. Let's all move on away from this unnecessary vitriol.