Sunday 22 May 2011

How Glenn Mulcaire scored for AFC Wimbledon

As AFC Wimbledon celebrates getting into the Football League here is an interesting fact about the club's sensational comeback. Private investigator Glenn Mulcaire, the man at the centre of the News of the World phone-hacking scandal, scored their first goal.

Supporters Direct chief executive Dave Boyle said Mulcaire was one of the first to try out for the club, formed by fans nine years ago when the old Wimbledon was whisked off to Milton Keynes, after he answered an ad for players put in a local paper.

Boyle, speaking at a conference on media cooperatives at Goldsmiths College at the weekend, said Mulcaire hit the team's first goal. He added that Mulcaire was then known as "Trigger" and at the time it was believed he "worked in security at News International".
  • The Mirror has a video of the goal here.

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