Wednesday 11 May 2011

Killing of bin Laden dominates UK news agenda

The hunting down and killing of Osama bin Laden dominated the UK news agenda in the week ending Sunday, May 8, according to journalisted.

Bin Laden, found and shot dead in Pakistan by the Americans almost ten years after 9/11, generated 1,329 articles; the royal wedding, including comment on wedding highlights and honeymoon destinations, 590 articles; the AV referendum goes to the polls and loses the vote, while the Lib Dems suffer most in the local elections, 465 articles; the Scottish parliament election, with the SNP winning a second term on an overall majority, 258 articles.

Covered little, according to journalisted, were: Neighbour of Joanna Yeates, Vincent Tabak, pleads guilty to her manslaughter but faces trial for murder, 21 articles; the last known WW1 veteran, Claude Stanley Choules, dies aged 110, 15 articles; Ahmadinejad's allies accused of sorcery, amid a power struggle between him and Ayatollah Khamenei, 6 articles; a mass grave is uncovered in Ivory Coast, one of several found since political unrest gripped the country after last year's disputed election, 3 articles; a study by the African Development Bank reports on-third of Africans are now middle class, 2 articles.
  • Pic: Weekly Telegraph front page on royal wedding and death of Osama bin Laden.

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