Friday 13 May 2011

Exhibition on the great British war reporters

The Imperial War Museum North in Manchester is staging what it claims is the UK’s first major exhibition on the most celebrated British war correspondents.

On show will be the bullet that deflected into Kate Adie’s leg in the conflict in Lebanon, a burqa worn by John Simpson to secretly enter Afghanistan in 2001, the typewriter Michael Nicholson used to write his reports from Vietnam and one of Martin Bell’s trademark white suits, which became familiar to viewers during his reports from the Bosnian war.

Also on display is the Reuters Press Land Rover, which was hit by a rocket in Gaza in 2006.

Alongside Simpson, Adie, Nicholson and Bell are Rageh Omaar, Jeremy Bowen and the late Brian Hanrahan. The life and work of Second World War reporters Clare Hollingworth, Richard Dimbleby and Alan Moorhead are also explored, as well as pioneers of their trade from earlier conflicts like Philip Gibbs and Martha Gellhorn.
  • War Correspondent: reporting under fire since 1914 at The Imperial War Museum North runs from 28 May 2011 to 2 January 2012.
  • Pic Kate Adie with John Major

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