Monday 9 May 2011

Radio 4 explores the mysterious art of shorthand

A BBC Radio 4 programme celebrating the mysterious art of shorthand will feature the University of Sheffield’s Department of Journalism.

Shorthand teacher Kaye Carl and journalism lecturer David Holmes both take part in the programme, “Word of Mouth”, which has been produced by former Sheffield journalism student Luke Hollands.

"As someone who began their media career as a local reporter I know only too well the importance of shorthand. I used it every day as a newspaper journalist and still use it now for taking notes and writing memos,” said Luke.

“When I was handed the job of producing an episode of Radio 4's Word of Mouth, I thought it would be a fitting topic, I was surprised it hadn't been featured before.

"The programme begins where my personal shorthand journey began, at the University of Sheffield's Journalism Department. It is a place I have very fond memories of, and I don't think I could have broken into the highly competitive media world without their brilliant teaching and expert advice.

"We then hear from NCTJ chairman Kim Fletcher before heading on a tour around this mystical art, from Ancient Rome to the Elizabethan age, a pit-stop for some Dickens and then an appearance by Sir Issac Pitman himself, recorded in 1891."

The programme will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 at 4pm on Tuesday, 10th May. It is part of a series exploring the way we use words, presented by the poet and author Michael Rosen.

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