Tuesday 5 April 2011

Sun goes to war with Cameron on defence cuts

The Sun today gives David Cameron the same front page treatment it gave the Labour government in August 2009 (top right) in strong criticism of defence cuts at a time when the armed forces are involved in actions in Libya and Afghanistan.

The Sun says on its front page: "David Cameron was blasted last night for hailing the bravery of RAF Top Guns over Libya - just as forces heroes were sacked back home."

In a leader it says: "David Cameron has embarked on his own Mission Impossible in trying to sell Britain the need for sharp troop reductions when we are fighting two wars... The spectacle of a Prime Minister slashing the Armed Forces even as he commits them to more fighting is utterly bizarre."

The Sun is encouraging comments from readers and suggesting the Government cuts its overseas aid budget rather than defence spending.

The 2009 Sun front page slammed Labour over its handling of the war in Afghanistan and urged Gordon Brown to sack defence secretary Bob Ainsworth.

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