Thursday 28 April 2011

Enfield Nine: From a funeral to tea in Farnham

The "Enfield Nine" journalists ended their two week strike over staff shortages by holding a street tea party outside the Tindle Newspapers headquarters in Farnham today.

They organised bunting, fairy cakes, cucumber sandwiches and music as part of the campaign to save their titles which are published by the Tindle owned North London & Herts Newspapers and include the Enfield Gazette, Haringey Advertiser and Barnet Press.

The campaign has included a mock funeral in Enfield which was held to warn local residents that their local papers were in danger. The strikers claim that their action has prompted a debate about the future of the local press and quality journalism.

NUJ FoC Jonathan Lovett, said: “It just shows that striking can be a positive action if the cause is right. We feel we have finally found a voice after months of fruitless negotiations and frustration.

“When we started this we didn’t realise we would hit such a nerve with journalists and readers up and down the country.

"We hope this is the start of a national debate about the future of local journalism. For too long, profit-hungry newspaper owners have been getting away with inferior products which do a disservice to their loyal readers.”

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