Tuesday 12 April 2011

Pearson: 'Being a columnist is a recipe for lunacy'

Telegraph journalist and author Allison Pearson reflects on the life of the newspaper columnist in the latest issue of The Word magazine.

Pearson, an ex-Daily Mail columnist, says: "As I get older, I don't really like opinions. I always think that any sane person has about five opinions a year, and at the Mail I was supposed to have five a week. It is a recipe for lunacy."

She adds: "There's a danger that you become this moony cannibal talking to your friends and thinking, 'Oh, can you just give me an item.'

"Also, if you've lived quite a life and made more than your fair share of mistakes, as I have, the whole sitting in judgement approach to other people increasingly fills me with discomfort."

The Word has a good website but does not put its magazine content online.

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