Friday 8 April 2011

Ex-NoW man: 'Guardian paid me to hide in the bushes to doorstep my old boss and Cameron'

In Hugh Grant's "turning the tables" secretly taped interview in this week's New Statesman with Paul McMullan (top) he catches the ex-News of the World journalist talking about doorstepping his old boss, Rebekah Brooks, for the Guardian.

McMullan tells Grant:"As well as doorstepping celebrities, I've also doorstepped my ex-boss by hiding in the bushes, waiting for her to come past with Cameron on a horse...before the election to show that - you know - Murdoch was backing Cameron.

"The Guardian paid me to do it and I stepped in it and missed them, basically. They'd gone past - not as good as having a picture."

  • DemocracyFail has tweeted: "Monitoring Brooks friendship with Cameron is an example of when hiding in the bushes can benefit democracy."

Pic: Jon Slattery

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