Friday 8 April 2011

Another award for The Times' Caitlin Moran

Peter Sands has a good review of the Press Awards bash on his blog.

His award for best acceptance speech of the night goes to Caitlin Moran, of The Times, who won the awards for the best critic and interviewer.

Moran said: "I am quite aware that if you win an award for going to a sex club with Lady Gaga and ending up in the toilet with her and her doing a wee-wee in front of you, without even taking off her pants and doing it through her tights, that you may well have peaked in terms of your interview. Unless I interview Madonna and she does a poo in a crisp bag round the back of HMV Megastore on Oxford Street I am not going to top it, so I'll happily take this now and retire."

I also liked her quote about paywalls when interviewed last year by Press Gazette: "Bitch gotta make rent. . .Why is it that creative left-wing people have to start giving their stuff away for free? Topshop hasn't started to give its stuff away."

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Patrick Smith said...

However, Jon, I don't know if you've spotted Moran's twitter feed whenever the Times paywall is occasionally breached due to a technical issue. She has commented on more than one occasion that she would like a bigger audience online - and who can blame her?