Friday 15 April 2011

Charles Atangana wins appeal against deportation

NUJ member Charles Atangana has won his appeal against Home Office plans to deport him to his native Cameroon.

The union had campaigned against Atangana being deported, claiming he faced imprisonment, torture and that his life would be at risk because of his work as a journalist exposing corruption.

Last month journalists mounted a vigil at the Immigration and Asylum Court in central London and attended a hearing in solidarity with Charles Atangana, who fled to the UK seven years ago after he was jailed and tortured in Cameroon.

NUJ general secretary Jeremy Dear said: “This is a wonderful day for the NUJ, and for justice in Britain. Anyone who has met Charles will know of his calm and gentle belief in the power of trade union solidarity, which has helped to see him through an emotionally exhausting period while awaiting an end to the lengthy asylum process.

“I am personally very proud of the determination of NUJ members, particularly those in Charles’ own Glasgow branch, and trade unionists across the UK and beyond who have supported him.

“I also commend the NUJ’s legal officer Roy Mincoff and our solicitor Emma Cohen of Bindman’s for their devotion to this and other deportation cases taken up by the NUJ.

“But most of all, this is a time to pay tribute to Charles Atangana, a journalist whose commitment to truth and justice has finally been recognised.”

Pic: Guy Smallman

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