Wednesday 6 April 2011

Howzat! Cricket beats Libyan foreign minister defection and nuclear disaster for coverage

Coverage of the Cricket World Cup got more national coverage than the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan and the defection of Libyan foreign minister Moussa Koussa, in the week ending Sunday 3 April, according to journalisted.

Covered lots were the Cricket World Cup, with India winning the final by 6 wickets against Sri Lanka, which generated 312 articles; Fukushima nuclear plant, with Japanese officials scrapping mission to save its crippled reactors as seawater radiation levels rise, 199 articles; Gaddafi defector, Moussa Koussa, denied UK immunity amidst public scrutiny of his alleged role in the Lockerbie bombing, 141 articles.

Covered little, according to journalisted were former Springbok player Joseph Ntshongwana, accused of murdering 3 people in a revenge attack for the rape of his daughter, 8 articles; Libyan law student Iman al-Obaidi, facing defamation charges after bursting into a Tripoli hotel to tell journalists she had been raped by pro-Gaddafi soldiers, 5 articles; former president Mubarak, and his family, placed under house arrest by Egypt's military council, 4 articles.

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