Thursday 6 January 2011

Telegraph: Jefferies 'preparing case against media'

The Daily Telegraph reports today that a friend of Chris Jefferies, the landlord of Jo Yeates who was arrested and bailed as part of the inquiry into her murder, says he believes he is preparing a case against the media and the police.

The Telegraph's Aislinn Laing writes that a former university friend of Jefferies, Irving Steggles, a pastor of Birchleigh Baptist Church in Johannesburg, has been in contact with him since he was bailed.

She quotes Steggles saying: "Chris emailed me and said he was going to be eliminated from police enquiries in the next day or so.

"He said: 'The ordeal is almost over'. He is preparing a case against the media and the police, I believe. This has completely shattered his life.

"I have known him for 45 years - we were at Oxford together. He was always the most kindly and helpful man, of the highest moral character.

"He is very highly respected in society, mildly eccentric but only mildly. It's been really quite a shock for everyone concerned."

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Does contempt of court apply only to local press?

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