Saturday 1 January 2011

Now Lord Sugar goes to war with Mail's Jan Moir

Lord Sugar isn't just taking on Piers Morgan on Twitter he's having a bash at Daily Mail columnist Jan Moir for accusing him of, among other things, having a "bloated ego."

Moir claimed in the Mail : "Sugar yearns to be admired, but his soul is too corroded and his ego too bloated to ever allow it. From start to finish, his bitterness is remorseless."

But, as Lord Sugar says, Twitter gives you have an immediate right of reply. Here are some of his tweets:

Lord Sugar
Bigot of the Year 2009 Jan Moir slagging me off in Daily Liar,same bitch who got 21k complaints for disgusting article on Stephen Gately

Lord Sugar
beauty of twitter is it gives a right of reply I hv 250k followers, Daily Liar has 2.1m circ but its a start and read by all journos.

Lord Sugar
amazing how the Daily Liar seems to employ these jealous losers who have never achieved anything themselves in life,must stem from the top.

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Anonymous said...

Lord Sugar's Twitter account reveals him to be something of an idiot - a fact that has doesn't usually survive the Apprentice's editing.

On his voting record, he said the Daily Mail had lied about him but hasn't yet clarified how many times he has voted or explained how has its numbers wrong.

On Shrien Dewani, whose wife was murdered in South Africa, Sugar commented "no smoke without fire?".

Following Chris Jefferies' arrest, Sugar exclaimed that Mr Jefferies had appeared on Sky News as "bold as brass" the day before.

To think this buffoon sits in the House of Lords, appointed by his chums, is a very good argument in favour of an all elected House of Lords.

George Dearsley said...

I have just finished reading Alan Sugar's book and he is clearly no idiot. However, I partly agree with Anonymous (if these extracts are correctly reported) that people - especially in high profile positions - should be careful about what comments they put in the public domain. Twitter makes instant commenting easy but on reflection Sugar might have been wiser to delay and think about the consequences. That said there's a lot to admire about Sugar for his "can do" attitude, his business acumen and his old style family values. I would rather see Sugar in the Lords than half the other Peers. A couple of indiscreet comments shouldn't obscure the bigger picture.