Monday 3 January 2011

Glover: 'Overexcited coverage' of Jefferies' arrest

The Independent's media commentator Stephen Glover today looks at press coverage of the arrest of Chris Jefferies, the former public school teacher who has been released on police bail but remains a suspect in the murder of Jo Yeates.

Glover writes: "I obviously have no better idea than anyone else as to the outcome of this case. Nevertheless, I have been stuck by the overexcited coverage, particularly, though by no means only, in the tabloids. The Sun probably went furthest with its headline last Friday: 'Weird, Posh, Lewd, Creepy'.

"As a point of fact, Mr Jefferies' blue-rinse hair and alleged love of 'avant-garde' movies do not make him unusual by the standards of many teachers of English, particularly in public schools. They tend not to resemble bank clerks either in outlook or appearance, and I dare say The Sun would be shocked to its foundations were it to undertake a wider survey."

The Mirror has described Jefferies as a "Peeping Tom".

See also: Jo Yeates' boyfriend says social and news media coverage of her murder is 'shameful'

Does contempt of court apply only to local press?

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gyg3s said...

Of interest are the chap's bail conditions as discussed in Law and Lawyers.