Wednesday 19 January 2011

New open source company aimed at journalists

Sourcefabric, an open source organisation which says it is dedicated to independent quality journalism, has been launched with a headquarters in Prague.

Sourcefabric offers solutions for different fields of media production. The media suite consists of:

  • Newscoop - an open content management system for professional journalists
  • Airtime - radio software for scheduling and remote station management
  • Superdesk - web-centric newsroom and workflow management (in development)

Douglas Arellanes, director of clients and services: "Our products are designed by journalists, for journalists to champion quality media. We offer a variety of trainings and webinars for people who want to work with Newscoop or Airtime.

"But that's only one part. We think there's much more to be done, and since the whole team has journalism backgrounds, we like to share what we know - and we are familiar with every aspect of daily media work."

Sourcefabric also provides training for journalism students as well as professional journalists on how to use new media tools. It has had training and consulting activities in Africa (Senegal, Zimbabwe), various EU countries and in the former Soviet republic of Georgia.

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