Wednesday 19 January 2011

Little coverage for Northern & Shell leaving PCC

Floods in Brisbane, the shootings in Arizona and the ousting of Tunisia's government dominated the news during the week ending Sunday January 16, according to journalisted.

It also reports that there was scant coverage by the rest of the press of Richard Desmond's Northern & Shell titles no longer being under the jurisdiction of the Press Complaints Commission.

The Queensland floods hit Brisbane, swamping 30,000 properties, generated 167 articles; the shootings in Arizona, with a lone gunman killing six people and severely wounding a US congresswoman, 161 articles; mass protests in Tunisia, causing the president to flee and a state of emergency to be declared, 126 articles.

Covered little, according to journalisted, were renewed controversy over the Stuxnet cyber virus, which attacked Iran's nuclear programme last year, 8 articles; Northern & Shell, publisher of the Daily Express, Star and OK! pulling out of the UK press self-regulation system, 7 articles; the Welsh Assembly Government calling for a 'soft opt-out' policy for organ donation and raising controversy over human rights, 4 articles.

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