Thursday 20 January 2011

The Media Briefing: I love digital media. . . but where have all the journalists gone?

I've done a piece for the Media Briefing about how I love digital media but am concerned about the consequences of so many journalists losing their jobs - and asking how many editorial staff are digging out news and how many repackaging it?

It was prompted by the row between Solent News and Photo Agency and PA about the exclusive interview with Jo Yeates' father, the closure of independent news agencies, the slashing of editorial jobs and reactions to my post: What will there be left to lift when all the news gathering journalists are gone?

As I was writing it, Newsquest announced six jobs were going in Swindon and Oxford, CN Group in Cumbria announced up to 29 redundancies and Trinity Mirror revealed it had made the editor's post on the Paisley Daily Express redundant.

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