Thursday 13 January 2011

Media Street through to next round in funding bid

Media Street, the hyper-local web application project being developed by the people behind King's Road , has been invited by the Knight News Challenge to complete a full proposal after its initial bid seeking funding of $90,000 from the Knight Foundation.

As Media Street co-founder Jonathan Lloyd puts it: "We're through to the next round".

The Knight Foundation runs the Knight News Challenge which awards up to $5 million a year for innovative ideas that develop platforms, tools and services to inform and transform community news.

Media Steet put in its application for funding of $90,000 last November. The bid application stated: "With the project, we are testing whether Media Street can support a road but there is no reason why is can’t support other communities; from roads and streets to wider areas such as cities and towns - whether they're in the US or UK. It has the potential to be a global product which runs local sites around the world."

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