Monday 31 January 2011

IFJ calls on Egypt to end crackdown on media

The International Federation of Journalists has called today on Egypt to end the crackdown which has led to beatings of media staff and censorship of television and communications networks.

Media reports say that the Government last week blocked websites and Al-Jazeera has been taken off the air. Its office in Cairo has been shut down and staff were arrested and their film confiscated. The studios of the French public broadcaster, France 2 have also been shut.

"This targeting of media is desperation on the part of a regime that is in the brink of collapse," said Aidan White, IFJ general secretary. "It makes a mockery of the Government's talk of dialogue to restore calm."

According to a statement from Al-Jazeera, five Cairo-based staff were arrested following the Government's decision over the weekend to withdraw the broadcaster's licence and its journalists' accreditation in the country. They were released today.

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Cheap calls to Egypt said...

This is now snowballing across the Middle East. Will the countries unite as one? What's the next move? Who will topple next? China??!