Wednesday 23 June 2010

Steve Dyson on what led to his and Steve Brown's departure from Trinity Mirror's Midlands centre

Steve Dyson in his blog reviewing regional newspapers, hosted by HoldtheFrontPage, refers today to the reasons behind his departure as editor of the Birmingham Mail and the "sacking" of Trinity Mirror Midlands managing director Steve Brown.
Dyson's makes his comments while comparing Northcliffe's Sutton Coldfield Observer favourably to Trinity's Sutton Coldfield News - claiming the former "wipes the floor" with the Trinity title.
He writes: "I remember all this was the reason for an action plan demanded by one of Trinity Mirror's former regional managing directors in the Midlands, Steve Brown, when he was sent on his rescue mission at the end of 2007 after the failed sell-off.
"As one of his 'key 25 challenges', he asked one of his fellow 'rescue' directors to plough some energy into thinking through the editorial weaknesses and commercial opportunities in Sutton Coldfield.
"A return to number one was the target. But the momentum for any turnaround plan disappeared with the onset of recession, initial cost cuts and then Brown's sacking for not going further. With Brown out of the way, then came the loss of the News' own editor and the consequent £6 million 'cost savings challenge' imposed by Canary Wharf.
"The latter programme led to my departure from Trinity Mirror's Midland base at The Fort, but I still remain a resident of Sutton Coldfield and I've seen no sign of anything but acceptance of a conquered status quo for the News ever since. This is a shame for a paper first launched in 1869, but must be manna from heaven for the Observer."

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