Wednesday 9 June 2010

The Guardian: Correcting the corrections

You've got to hand it to the Guardian. Not only does it run a daily corrections and clarifications column putting right errors made by the paper, today it carries a column of corrections for errors in its corrections and clarifications column.
Hope they've got this one right, otherwise there will have to be a corrections column for the corrections and clarifications column correcting the corrections and clarifications column.
Oh dear! see comment below.


James said...

Oh dear - I've spotted a mistake in the corrections.

It's Byron CRIDDLE not Griddle

John said...

Is any of this surprising.?. when I was younger in PR than I am now,the paper was affectionately known as 'The Grauniad' as a direct result of the regular typos throughout every daily edition.... maybe the subs had more fun in those days.... John

wefcpug said...

Oh dear Oh dear, when I follow the link to the Grauniad's page, the right hand column inset is headlined 'Latest from from the Guardian'.

Or is someone having a laugh?