Thursday 17 June 2010

Mac knifes Sly Bailey while praising Piers Morgan

Kelvin MacKenzie in his Sun column today sticks the knife into Trinity Mirror chief executive Sly Bailey by comparing her to Piers Morgan, who she sacked as editor of the Daily Mirror seven years ago.
MacKenzie notes that, since his firing over the fake Army torture pictures, Morgan has gone on to be a highly paid television star and has just signed a $12 million deal to take over from Larry King on CNN.
But he says of Bailey: "Her period in office has been pretty much a disaster for the readers, shareholders and the employees. She's done all right for herself, mind you."
MacKenzie details the fall in the Mirror's circulation since Morgan's abrupt departure, the drop in Trinity Mirror's share price and the announcement that 25 per cent of the journalists are to lose their jobs on the Mirror, Sunday Mirror, and People.
He adds: "For herself - unbelievably Miss Bailey has just picked up a £671,000 bonus."
MacKenzie suggests the Trinity Mirror board could redeem itself by "offering Miss Bailey her coat as she is shown the door - after all, it was more than she ever offered Piers." Ouch!

  • The MacKenzie column is not online. You can buy it for 20p at a newsagent and get a free newspaper with it.

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