Tuesday 1 June 2010

Anger management by a Giles Coren interviewer

Matthew Bell in the Independent on Sunday interviews the notoriously short tempered Giles Coren for less than a minute about his new book: Anger Management for Beginners.
Bell reports that Coren is a trifle upset because of an administrative cock up over their meeting, and he has "only an hour and a half before he has to fly to Scotland to appear on Newsnight's Review Show, where he is expected to talk about a book he hasn't yet read and a film he has only half seen and a television series he hasn't formed an opinion of."
Bell adds: "It seems vaguely appropriate that Coren should be spitting teeth for an interview to promote a book about anger. It strikes me this is an elaborate publicity stunt. But no. 'The publicity people have been a fucking nightmare,' he yells. This interview was due to last half an hour but in the spirit of compromise I say let's do 10 minutes. In the end it lasts less than a minute before Coren stands up and calls it off. A few fucks later, coupled with a hasty apology, and I'm standing in the street, Dictaphone whirring."

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