Monday 28 June 2010

'Our forces in the Cape have suffered a reverse': Tobias Grubbe on England's World Cup exit

I am a big fan of that Georgian man of letters Tobias Grubbe who rather incongruously has established himself on that new fangled thing called the internet via twitter @tobiasgrubbe, and his opinions can be read at the Telegraph and at journalisted.
His latest missive is on England's humiliating exit from the World Cup, although Grubbe puts it more elegantly as "Our forces in the Cape have suffered a reverse".
I was lucky enough to bump into Grubbe's creators Michael Cross and Matthew Buck at the news:rewired conference at the Microsoft headquarters in London before they headed off to the nearest coffee house or tavern.
More power to Grubbe's elbow says I.


Anonymous said...

Georgian? What Calumny is this, Sir? In the Year of Our Lord 1710 I can assure you that we are all Subjects Loyal and True of her Britannic Majesty Queen Anne, and there is not a GERMAN to be seen in the Realm.
Yours &c

ps Thank you kindly for the mention. Your fee, viz. one Quart of Fine Sack, will be consigned to a Messenger as soon as Convenient, or when I have been Paid myself, whichever the sooner.

Jon Slattery said...

Many thanks for the promise of the Quart of Fine Sack, Grubbe.
But with you a humble freelance awaiting payment it could be four years before such a prize can be delivered.
When it finally arrives I could toast the arrival of the Georgian era in 1714.
Methinks the "Age of Elegance" may suit your literary style and bring you great fortune.