Wednesday 2 June 2010

Times editor quits NUJ after job cuts complaint

NUJ release: NUJ attacks Times editor over the way jobs have been cutJames Harding, editor of The Times, has resigned from the NUJ after being subject to a union complaint over the way job cuts were handled at the paper, the union revealed today.
The NUJ said Harding, who had been a member of the NUJ for 16 years, faced "a rare internal union complaint from the next president of the union [Donnacha DeLong], accusing him of ‘actions that threaten the livelihoods and working conditions of members’."
The complaint centres on enforced job cuts and job changes during Harding’s time as editor and previously business editor in which, according to the complaint, procedures required by employment law were not followed.
Jeremy Dear, NUJ general secretary, said: “Employment rights are for everyone. The Times may be able to get individuals to sign away their rights by throwing money at them and gagging them but the union won't keep quiet about such abuses. No one is above the law.”
The Journalist is carrying a full story on the complaint.

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