Monday 14 June 2010

Here's a good news story about the regional press

Steve Busfield, Guardian News and Media's head of media and technology, asks in MediaGuardian today: "Can you remember the last time you read a good news story about the regional press?"
He then goes on to provide one by praising the standard of journalism in this year's Regional Press Awards, which have been rescued by the NUJ.
Busfield, who is helping judge the awards writes: "Last week, while judging for the 2010 Regional Press Awards, it was clear to me that quality journalism is alive and thriving in the regions. Those still working for the big regional media are still talented, and now ever more willing to experiment with their journalism.
"Meanwhile, new publications, organisations, online collectives are sprouting. I've been judging the regional press awards for a few years, but after last week, I think the standard is as good as ever, with even more variety too. Wilmington – the information group which earlier this year shamefully abandoned the regional awards after it sold Press Gazette while keeping the cash-generating British Press Awards – may just regret its decision."

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