Sunday 6 June 2010

IoS: 'Importance of local journalists in Whitehaven'

Matthew Bell in the Independent on Sunday today looks at the Whitehaven News and the way it covered the fatal shootings in Cumbria.
He notes: "Within a few weeks, once the world's media has moved on, the people of Whitehaven will return to whatever normality there can be, and the circulation of The Whitehaven News will go back to normal levels. The events of last week will leave an indelible mark on the town's history. But the importance of local journalists – to obtain and verify the facts as quickly as possible – has, at least, been proved once again."

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Toni Piqué said...

What did Bell –or you– expected from your colleagues in Whitehaven? A bunch of rustics churning out parochial advice? All of this –the Bell remark, your "appreciation" of it– is so "high-browed", so London-centric. Your surprise to find journalists and journalism out of SW1 smacks of patronizing condescension.

The importance of journalism in Whitehaven is, yup, *journalism*. Not "local".

Pardon the expansion: no offense. And thank you for keeping this smart blog.