Tuesday 22 June 2010

Chris Bullivant launches Birmingham Free Press

Free newspaper entrepreneur Chris Bullivant's Bullivant Media is publishing the first edition of The Birmingham Free Press this week.
The Free Press is a free sister paper to The Press and will have a circulation of 60,000 copies weekly.
Bullivant says: "The concept of a journal of record allied to a mass distribution free is being tested in Birmingham and, when successful, will be offered to entrepreneurs in English cities as a franchise to compete with then replace the ailing metropolitan dailies in those cities.
"In my opinion, the most remarkable lesson learnt from the launch of the Press two months ago is the way Tony Lennox [the editor] gathers news and feature material and then produces pages; potentially, it really turns regional journalism back into the cottage industry it was prior to the industrial revolution.
"Obviously Trinity Mirror are throwing everything other than the kitchen sink at us now that they have started to understand the new concept but I am hopeful that we will achieve breakeven within the next three months or so and, when we do, just watch this one “go”. I am more excited about this concept than I was producing either the first free newspaper or the first metropolitan free daily[Birmingham Daily News]."


Chris Mulhuffney said...

Lets get this straight Senior, so you have basically abandoned ship on the Brum Press and now think the Brum Free Press is the warship to take on Trinity Mirror? Get with it, you want to be careful or CJB Media will go down the same toilet as OSN did.

Anonymous said...

Saw the Birmingham Free Press for the first time this morning. A large parcel of papers containing about 50-100 copies dumped on the corner of Beaks Hill Rd & Rednal Rd,Kings Norton, Birmingham. Now being hit by cars and spread down the pavement, the area is untidy enough without having papers dumped here as well, can you please arange for them to be removed, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Bitter comments - makes me feel these people have never worked for a good employer before - stand tall and take the competition!

Anonymous said...

it has gone down the pan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anne Pike said...
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