Saturday 15 August 2009

Warning on Afghanistan election coverage

Reporters Without Borders has warned violence that threatens journalists working for Afghanistan’s news media has created a climate that does not favour free and impartial coverage of the crucial presidential election next Thursday (August 20).
The press freedom campaign group says media coverage is also affected by the fact that political obstruction has prevented the adoption of a new press law.
“One of the consequences of the failure to adopt the new press law has been unequal air-time for the candidates,” RWB says. “Voters have also been denied independent coverage on national television throughout the campaign. Even if the monitoring carried out by the Electoral Media Commission is a big step forward, it is not enough. Journalists need laws that guarantee their safety and freedom, at least in principle.”
RWB says in Afghanistan: "Fewer and fewer journalist visit regions that are no longer controlled by the authorities, with the result that these regions have turned into news “black holes.” It is important to remember that the threats to Afghan and foreign journalists do not come solely from the Taliban. Although the Taliban are the main source of violence and press freedom violations, criminal groups are also often to blame."

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