Friday 28 August 2009

Mail letter about Maoam's lusty lime 'genuine'

Brand Republic reports today that Haribo has claimed that a Yorkshire man's complaint about Maoam's "carnal" sweet wrappers is genuine.
Simon Simpkins, from Pontefract in West Yorkshire, wrote to the Daily Mail to outline his disgust about the packaging, claiming the lemon and lime looked like they were "locked in a carnal encounter".
Brand Republic noted yesterday that Haribo is also based in Pontefract, is currently running a sampling campaign for a new Haribo product ChewToo, and questioned whether the complaint might have been a publicity stunt.
However, a company spokesman has now told Brand Republic that it had received the complaint via email from Simpkins as claimed in his Daily Mail letter, and it handled it in the same way as it would any other. There has been much speculation on the blogosphere that the letter is a spoof and there have been claims on Twitter that Simpkins does not appear on the electoral roll for Pontefract.

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Russell said...

I quite like these depictions of fruit (in the older sense of the word) having sex. Refreshingly non-PC. (And it's not as if it is truly that explicit.) Whoever did complain - assuming it isn't a PR job - must have a pretty one-track mind.