Wednesday 26 August 2009

'Post editor should fight for paper or resign'

Birmingham Post editor Marc Reeves' arguments on his blog about why the paper should go weekly (see post below) has led to a call for him to quit.
Dinkey has commented on the blog: "It is disappointing that the editor has chosen to side against his Midlands readers (and staff) in this way and align himself to the London parent group's thinking which has clearly no interests but its own in mind.
"The honourable thing here would be to support your readers and marshall support to maintain a daily title and reinvent the Post for the internet era. The other honourable option would be to resign and let someone else fight the corner for Birmingham and the Midlands. But please don't just roll over and accept this and dress-up two bad options in eloquent tosh and pretend its consultation."
However, the post praises Reeves for having "done a great job editing the Post with the limited resources you've got, and continued to produce a terrific newspaper."
Other posts have welcomed the idea of a weekly Post.
Reeves has said he will reply to the comments later today.

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