Monday 24 August 2009

Guardian advertises for club manager

The Guardian today is advertising for a general manager to run the paper's proposed "Guardian Club" which aims to create new revenue streams and build on the loyalty of the paper's print and online readership.
The advertisement says: "This is an important new initiative. The club will make our most committed readers/users feel they are genuinely part of our organisation and reward their loyalty. The General Manager has the unique opportunity to set the direction, create the club and then deliver on that ambition."
A Guardian spokeswoman said: "It makes sense for the business and for our readers to both harness and reward that loyalty. Our recently launched subscription scheme is one way of doing so and another idea under consideration is a Guardian offering based around the concept of a 'friends' scheme or members' club.
"This proposal is still very much in the early stages of development. We are currently researching the idea and have advertised for a general manager of the scheme on a one-year contract basis."

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