Thursday 27 August 2009

Is the lusty lime a publicity stunt?

Marketing website Brand Republic is questioning the veracity of the carnal lemon and lime letter about a Maoam sweet wrapping sent to the Daily Mail and followed up by the Sun today (see posting below).
Brand Republic says: "As confectionery brand Maoam conducts a sampling campaign for a new line, what could be better publicity than an outraged letter to the Daily Mail about its "smutty" packaging?
"It is a great silly season story about a parent's "heated exchange" with a store manager over the inappropriate pictures of a lemon and lime "being locked in a carnal encounter".
"However, it looks increasingly like a publicity stunt by Haribo, which is based in Pontefract, the address provided by the writer of the letter to the Daily Mail and which sparked a Sun story picked up by several websites, including us we admit, this morning."
Looks like Fleet Street's finest may have been had.

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