Friday 14 August 2009

Quotes of the Week

The Sun on ending of anonymity order on Baby P mum and stepdad: "At last, today the world can see the identities of Baby Peter Connelly's evil killers - murderers in all but name. True justice was never possible for this poor boy as long as these heartless sadists remained anonymous."

Letter to Sunday Times Business section: "We read with alarm that The Guardian is considering closing its sister paper, The Observer. It seems unthinkable to us that one liberal newspaper would seek to extinguish another. A pluralist press is vital for a thriving democracy."

Former Observer editor Donald Trelford in the Independent: "Last week's loudly expressed public dismay at the threat to The Observer should be a warning to The Guardian of the obloquy it would face – and the permanent stain on its liberal reputation – if, after 218 years, it were to remove the world's oldest Sunday paper from our national conversation."

Analyst Claire Enders in MediaGuardian: "The government believes the local press is read by people, middle-aged and older, who live local lives. They are not relevant to the government's view of itself. Instead of helping local media to stay alive longer, the effect of government action has been to push them over the edge faster. We're talking about a fourth estate that is facing the future with much fewer resources. The resources on the government side are overwhelming."

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